Capstone guidelines

The second reader signs off on the capstone project, but does not serve as part of the final portfolio and capstone review.

Each thesis is bound in a maroon color.

Format & Style Guidelines

Capstone guidelines Professor Price Write your Pre-Capstone Proposal and submit it to your Honors faculty Capstone mentor by the mid-semester deadline In addition to the Honors Faculty Capstone mentor, you are required to have a faculty member review and approve the learning outcomes that you expect to result from the Capstone project for example, the professor supervising your research or study abroad, or your internship supervisor Work with your Honors faculty Capstone mentor on any necessary revisions to your proposal Pre-Capstone Proposal Guidelines Describe your intended Capstone Project.

Students can arrange for a bound copy to be printed, but bound copies are not required by the College of Graduate Studies and Research if the document is submitted to UMI via the Internet.

The Process As is the case with the portfolio, a great deal of support for the capstone process is built into the MACS core curriculum, including writing workshops, peer review time, and presentation practice opportunities.

The CA can, for example, help you assess: Photographs should be printed on archival-quality paper specific to photographs. You will be provided with a tri-fold poster board available for pick-up at the Downtown Faculty Support Center.

Those who do are recognized at commencement and-more importantly-have that designation noted on their permanent UNF transcripts. Describe where the project will be conducted. Address the ways in which the actual capstone experience conformed to or diverged from your expectations for this experience.

Poster presentation is a widely used form of academic presentation. The scale of the capstone varies from student to student. Presentation space is limited so if you bring a board that is too large, you may not be able to set up your poster properly.

Be realistic and give enough detail to help your advisor understand and support your progress. Frequently Recommended Style Manuals: The College of Graduate Studies will distribute bound copies as follows: The PA and core course faculty particularly in BCULST will provide support for the development of the capstone pre-proposal and the identification of candidates for capstone advisor see detailed timeline.

Final Product and Dissemination Describe the intended audience and the intended results of the project.


Page numbers should be placed one inch from the top and right, with text beginning a double space below the page number. The abstract should be no more than words in length and include the following: Postcards and Brochures typically for art and music students.

Binding and Distribution of Copies. Affix these to a full sheet of appropriate paper or provide self-adhesive pockets for them to be included in the thesis copies.

Explain the basic ideas, problems, and questions examined by the project. Specify the level of competence in cultural sensitivity, languages, or digital technologies needed for the study.

One or two semesters in advance: However, in Winter and Spring Quarters the CA should become Capstone guidelines actively engaged in assuring successful completion of the project and helping you to prepare for its presentation. How will this project relate to and help you achieve your post-graduate educational or employment aspirations.

You can print your presentation on a large sheet at your own expense and mount it on the tri-fold poster board, or print on regular paper sheets and mount them on the tri-fold poster board. Copies on standard copier paper will not be accepted.

How did this capstone project "cap" your overall educational experience at UNF, and more specifically your Hicks Honors College experience.

The timeline below provides a fairly detailed outline of resources and key moments for the trajectory, but students should work closely with their advisors to develop and maintain a scope and timeline that makes sense for their projects.

The original printed copy may be reproduced or photocopied by other processes if copies are legible, permanent, and on the same kind of paper as the original copy. Capstone is always interested in meeting new authors and illustrators. The majority of our titles are developed in-house and written and illustrated by freelance writers and illustrators.

Find out information on Fiction and Nonfiction author and illustrator submissions. Capstone/ILE Guidelines 3 CAPSTONE/ILE PROCESS The Capstone process generally follows three stages. Pre-Seminar Stage The Pre-Seminar Stage is dedicated to identifying the Capstone Project topic.

This is the stage prior to the term in which the student enrolls in Capstone Seminar. During this stage, the student: 1. Capstone Guidelines General Overview Capstone projects focus on a well-defined research question or problem in depth and with extended commitment (please see the box to the right for sample capstones).

Refer to the guidelines for reference on the Capstone process. *Note: This is a reference. NOT THE INSTRUCTIONS. For accurate instructions, please review the tools in. Writing Capstone MSSE Writing Style Workbook.

This workbook includes: Writing General Guidelines; Specific Capstone Criteria; Model of Capstone Paper with Formatting Instructions and Guidelines.

Whatever style is used, it must be used consistently throughout the entire document. Minnesota State Mankato margin requirements may vary from those listed in the manuals of style. If a discrepancy regarding margins exists between a specific manual of style and these guidelines, the student should follow the guidelines specified below.

Capstone guidelines
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